Friday, February 21, 2014

Podcast Update 2/21

New podcasts out over at 4shared.

Digital Scribbles Max Episode 15
Last of the house cleaning episodes for now. Next episode to feature a steady review schedule for DC, Marvel and others to be announced next episode opening.

Hasbro Days Episode 1
GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, etc covered. Monthly until Season 4 of FIM ends then rotating with Equestria This Week during the off season.

New Old Comic Addict Episode 4
The Revenge of Hipster Daken unoboxing. Reviews of Action Comics #26, Superman #26, Ghost Rider #19-#20, Hellstrom Prince of Lies #1, Ferret and Arrow One Shots, The Chronicles of Snake Plissken #1. Update to review schedule and DC/Marvel subscription plans at start of next episode (5).

New Old Spider-Man Comic Addict Episode 1
Premiere episode. Just finished it, and it should be out today. Stay tuned for updates.

Presently working on Equestria This Week Episode 55, Digital Scribbles Max Episode 16 and Digital Doctor Who Podcast Episode 6.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Podcast Update 2/12

Podcast updates with 4shared

Power Rangers Henshin 2014
Getting Back on track on the eve of Super Megaforce

Equestria This Week Episode 54
Simple Ways reviewed

Digital Scribbles Max Episode 15
More random reviews

Coming Soon
Equestria This Week 55 (0%)
Hasbro Days 1 - Premiere episode (70%)
New Old Comic Addict 4 - The Revenge of Hipster Daken Unboxing (33%)

Stay tuned for updates

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Podcast Update January 30th

Well the month had a few casts out at 4shared, still looking for ways to upload to mediafire after my old PC faltered... also might as well go back to advertising on YouTube to drum up listeners. Anyway check out...

Digital Scribbles Max - Episode 15 now I'd production
Equestria This Week - Working on Episode 53 Now.
New Old Comic Addct - Episde 2 just came out. New 52, old Spider-Man, TMNT and clients
That Android Podcast - Trying to get back on schedule with that. Episode 6 now available.

Updates coming soon

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Podcast Update January 7th 2014

New podcasts out at 4shared!

Digital Scribbles Max Episode 13
Prelude to the last IDW Doctor Who review

Equestria This Week Episode 50
Reviews of MLP Ongoing #13-#14, Annual 1 and the Luna Micro as well as Rarity Takes Manehatten.

The New Old Comic Addict Episode 1
(New home of That Nee 52 Smell reviews)
New 52, Boris Karloff, Lone Gunmen and Untold Tales of Spidey.

New podcasts presently in the works (Digital Scribbles Max, That Android Podcast and Equestria This Week)... stay tuned.

Monday, December 23, 2013

4shared upload notice

Due to PC problems I am presently uploading all new podcasts only to 4shared for the present. So you will find all my new casts at 4shared, and I have some new stuff out for you to check out -- stay tuned for updates and the return of mediafire links.

Equestria This Week 47 - Flight to the Finish review
Equestria This Week 48 - Power Ponies review
Digital Scribble Max 12 - Super hero episode
That Android Podcast 6 - Nee episode

Monday, December 2, 2013

Podcast Updates December 2nd

New Podcasts out and avaiulable
Digital Scribbles Max Episode 11
Reviews of Day of the Doctor, Doctor Who Series 3 Issues #11 to #12, Prisoners of Time #4 to #6 and Assimilation Squared #5 to #8.

Equestria This Week Episode 45
NOTE - Review of the complete Good Show Goodnight coming next episode, Episode 46.
Review of Castle Mane-ia, and a look at all the easter eggs. Updates on IDW and new comic info and whatever else I could squeeze into the episode.

Coming up is Digital Scribbles Max Episode 12, Equestria This Weel Episode 46 and That Android Podcast Episode 6... stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Podcast Updates November 27th Thanksgiving Eve

A bit late but finally out!

Digital Scribbles Max Episode 10
Reviews of the IDW comics, and the first part of my Day of the Doctor review (see inside for details)

Equestria This Week Episode 44
At long last Season 4 has bgun, so we sit down and review Princess Twilight Sparkle the two part opening episode! Check it out!

Coming up next is Digital Scribbles Max Episode 11, Equestria This Week Episode 45 and That Android Podcast Episode 6.